Countertop Refinishing Chesterfield

Countertops are sturdy surfaces. They’re used multiple times a day and can take staining, heat and the occasional knife cut. Like anywhere else, our clients in Chesterfield love to cook. While countertops are so long-lasting, they can take their share of damage, and it’s also possible you’ll get sick of the way they look.

Countertops make a big impression in the kitchen. You may not think so at first, but change them up and you’ll see the difference! It’s the same with a bathroom. Countertops are a central part of a room that incorporates them, giving off a similar impression as the walls around them.

At Grasle Contracting & Remodeling LLC, we know that there’s such thing as a better vision for your room and the countertops in it.

Why Refinish

There used to be a time where all old countertops got landfilled. This is part of the natural evolution of materials and practices over time, but we’re at a point where we know this is unnecessary. It’s not the eco-friendly, or affordable option. Refinishing instead of replacing is a great solution for updating your kitchen’s look!


Preserving materials is important. Tossing out an entire countertop just to get a new surface is unnecessary.


Refinishing instead of replacing will save you between 30% and 50% on material and labor costs. That is a big difference! Why waste all that money, material and effort for the same (if not better) results?

Beautiful Results

Your counters are going to look like they’re new! No one would guess they just went through surface refinishing. They may even look like a different material altogether depending on the paint you choose.

Added Value

Your kitchen and your bathroom are your home’s biggest selling feature. When you upgrade either or both of these rooms, you are raising your home’s resale value by quite a bit. Renovations in these areas, even surface ones like refinishing, will get you a great return on investment every time.

Extended Lifetime

Make the most of your original countertops and just give them a facelift. Counters are bound to suffer from scratching and staining, so why tear them out every year when you can resurface them? It’ll extend their life for a very low price.

Refinishing countertops is one of the best starter reno projects you can do in your home, and with Chesterfield experts like Grasle Contracting & Remodeling LLC nearby, why hesitate to do so?

A Fresh Start

Let us give your countertops a fresh start! Surface refinishing will brighten up any kitchen or bathroom and allow you to enjoy preparing food without your eyes being drawn to that pesky scratch, stain or chip in the corner.

If you’re into food photography a new countertop is the best inspiration for food masterpieces and artistic angles.

Consider yourself a beauty guru? An updated bathroom countertop can do the same.

Give Grasle Contracting & Remodeling LLC a call to get inspired and enjoy your home to the fullest.